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2008 Top 100 Prospects: 31-40

31. Angel Villalona, Giants
- He is seventeen, already a great player, and scouts are saying that he is already making the adjustments that will allow him to thrive at the higher levels. He could see MLB time as soon as 2010.

32. Chase Headley, Padres
- His future appears to be in the outfield, but there is no doubting his potential. The big outfield will only benefit him as he could help boost the Padres offense and send them to the playoffs.

33. Jose Tabata, Yankees
- Dominated the FSL at age 19, and is already showing signs of improvement in big league camp. It is reassuring knowing he will have a spot because Abreu and Matsui are likely in their last contracts with the team.

34. Joey Votto, Reds
- Although he is twenty-four, he has great power and made adjustments to his stance that will prove beneficial when playing everyday at the Great-American Ballpark.

35. Chris Marrero, Nationals
- Is very advanced for his age, and should be up with the Nationals in 2009, probably everyday in 2010.

36. Andy LaRoche, Dodgers
- I am not all impressed by LaRoche, and it only hurts him after injuring his hand. He will be in a good lineup and has good track record though.

37. Deolis Guerra, Twins
- The key pitcher in the Johan Santana trade, he should see MLB in 2009. He has a great fastball, but he needs to better develop his number two and three pitches. Santana had that same problem, and the people that he worked with Guerra will also be working with.

38. Josh Vitters, Cubs
- The number three overall pick in the draft had the best power coming in. Although he struggled in the minor leagues, he has made great strides and will likely take over third full time in 2011.

39. Lars Anderson, Red Sox
- Has incredible power and will be a big player for the Red Sox because of Fenway Park's dimensions.

40. Reid Brignac, Rays
- He is a solid young player who should be up everyday in 2009. He is leading in key categories that the Rays have struggled in in the past couple of seasons.

41-50 coming this Monday!