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2008 Top 100 Prospects: 41-50

41. Jarrod Parker, Diamondbacks
- A solid pickup by the Diamondbacks as they pick up a pitcher with electric stuff. He is just 19, his fastball is explosive. If he could develop a solid change up or curve ball he would send the Diamondbacks to the World Series.

42. Ian Stewart, Rockies
- He doesn't have much of a future with the Rockies and I think it might slow his development. If he gets off to a good start in Triple-A, I see them making a trade.

43. Carlos Gomez, Twins
- The centerpiece of the Johan Santana deal in terms of immediate future, he has the whole team really excited. He should be starting in 2008.

44. Adam Miller, Indians
- He has the potential to be an excellent pitcher, but nagging injuries worry me. We'll see how he does this season.

45. Austin Jackson, Yankees
- The Twins wanted him in a possible Santana trade and no one was surprised. He is very athletic and is only growing as a player. He can hit and run, and has a pretty solid arm. He is the future in one of the corner outfield spots for the Yankees.

46. Ross Detwiler, Nationals
- Made his major league debut not two months after he was drafted, and was very impressive. Showed his stuff too in Spring Training. I suspect he will be in Double-A but should be with the team very soon.

47. Matt Antonelli, Padres
- Playing for the Padres in China right now, they are so high on him they called him to come to PETCO to work in the outfield over the off season. He will likely take Iguchi's spot in 2009.

48. Geovanny Soto, Cubs
- The MVP of the Pacific Coast League, Cubs fans got a brief glimpse of him and were very impressed. He hit for average and power, and handled the pitchers very well. However, he has struggled in previous years, so this might have been fluke.

49. Ian Kennedy, Yankees
- He keeps the ball down and mixes up his pitches well. He still needs some time, but playing on that team will send him far.

50. Carlos Triunfel, Mariners
- Considered to be the next A-Rod, Triunfel hit .296 at the age of 16 at Single-A. He is the shortstop of the future for the Mariners and will likely see MLB action in 2009.

51-60 Coming this Wednesday!