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2008 Top 100 Prospects: 51-60

51. Jeff Clement, Mariners
- He has the makings to be a solid catcher, but he is blocked by Kenji Johjima and it is definitely affecting his play. Hits for power more than anything, but could become a decent average hitter overtime. I see him in the future with a different team.

52. Carlos Carrasco, Phillies
- Just 21, he is the top prospect in the Phillies organization and has appeared in the last two Futures Games. He has explosive stuff and should break the squad very soon.

53. Hank Conger, Angels
- He is just 20 years old and has unbelievable numbers. When he starts playing at the higher levels, I expect they will come down, but to a respectable, starting catcher level. The Angels will be happy to have this guy on their side for the next several years to come.

54. Chris Volstad, Marlins
- Taken out of high school in 2005 and is expected to be playing regularly in the big leagues. He is a year or so away from what we can fully expect from him. The Marlins are excited to have this guy in a weak pitching rotation.

55. Chris Tillman, Orioles
- Big guy who came over from the Mariners, he has an excellent arm and his numbers are impressive. He was compared to Chris Young early on, but he is close to being better.

56. Chin-Lung Hu, Dodgers
- He is making the right adjustments to be the everyday starter in 2009, and should be a big success. If Furcal struggles, knowing Torre he might just take the job from him.

57. Fautino De Los Santos, Athletics
- He is expected to be up in 2009, but he has exploded on the scene from no where. Good deception and movement will get him on the A's before you know it.

58. Daniel Cortes, Royals
- He has been working with the pitching coaches with the Royals and has seen a jump of 4 mph in his fastball and extra bite on his curve. He shouldn't be up till 2010 or 11, but he is expected to be in that rotation for several years to come.

59. Luke Hochever, Royals
- A surprise number one pick in 2005, he is expected to be holding the bottom end of the rotation in 2008.

60. Tyler Colvin, Cubs
- Although he doesn't walk enough, he made the successful jump from Single-A to Double-A and showed his stuff in Spring Training. He does not have a spot at the moment, but I am pretty sure they will want to make room for this guy.