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2008 Top 100 Prospects: 61-70

61. Chris Davis, Rangers
- He is just 22 and is flexing some serious power in the minors. He is playing in the perfect park and should help out the Rangers big time in 2009 or 2010.

62. Justin Masterson, Red Sox
- An above average fastball and a nasty sinker, enough said.

63. J.R. Towles, Astros
- A five tool player that is already getting Rookie of the Year buzz. He handles his pitchers well, and has a great mentor for the 2008 season...if needed.

64. Manny Parra, Brewers
- Although he is twenty-five, he has great stuff but he just needs to be more consistent. He threw a perfect game in Triple-A and was pretty impressive with the Brewers before he got hurt. Minor injury, and he is a big breakout player for 2008.

65. Jed Lowrie, Red Sox

- Despite the bad attitude, he is an all around great shortstop. If he were playing in the MLB everyday in 2008, he would be similar to Julio Lugo, but only because it is his rookie year. Lowrie needs to get through a big league season before we can see him live up to his full potential.

66. Beau Mills, Indians

- He is just twenty-one years old and has shown the ability to hit for power and hold a decent average. His fielding will improve, but he was turning heads everywhere he went at big league camp.

67. Phillipe Aumont, Mariners

- Nineteen year old pitcher held his own in his first MLB Spring Training game, and should be up with the Mariners by 2012. He has an excellent fastball, but has failed to fully develop his number two and three pitch. Still, many scouts are excited about this guy.

68. Neil Walker, Pirates

- Probably the third baseman of the future for the Pirates, but the Pirates failure to develop their prospects makes me think he might be a flop.

69. Dexter Fowler, Rockies

- Hitting .277 as a lefty after hitting righty exclusively in amateur ball. The Rockies are very excited about this guy.

70. Max Scherzer, Diamondbacks

- Was throwing 98 mph fast balls this past fall. If he can develop his other pitches there is no doubt in my mind he will make it as a major league starter. Otherwise, I think he is a reliever or closer type pitcher.