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2008 Top 100 Prospects: 91-100

91. Bryan Anderson, Cardinals
- Just twenty-one, Anderson proved he could hit the ball for average and power. He is the future behind the plate for the Cardinals.

92. Joe Savery, Phillies
- Although he is a good hitter, he thinks he can make as a pitcher. He did well in his first seven games in the pros, but we need to see more from him.

93. Kyle Blanks, Padres
- Although he is older than most Double-A players with potential, he hit for a lot of power and average in Single-A and could see time at the MLB level this season.

94. Taylor Teagarden, Rangers
- He has battled injuries, but still has the potential to be a solid player.

95. Scott Elbert, Dodgers
- This left handed reliever probably won't make the team until 2009 or 2010, but has a pretty good minor league track record. I think he will likely be "the lefty" in the Dodgers pen for the years to come.

96. Neftali Feliz, Rangers
- I think his career will be as a closer, mostly because his above average change up compliments his 99 mph fastball very nicely. Oh yeah, he is only nineteen. The main reason he is not higher is because of his K/BB.

97. Hector Gomez, Rockies
- He has drawn comparisons to Michael Young, but I see him more as a Khalil Greene.

98. Drew Stubbs, Reds
- Won't be up till 2010, but he will hit for a high average. He has time, and I think the power will come.

99. Aaron Poreda, White Sox
- A strong fastball with good movement gets him in the top 100, but his secondary pitchers are not great, yet.

100. Andrew Brackman, Yankees
- 6'10 pitcher with a hard fastball, but arm problems early on put his career in question.