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Affeldt to Bullpen, Trade Coming?

According to one NL scout, the Reds have renewed interest in finding a pitcher and have been scouting several Angels pitchers. This comes as a surprise to me since Reds manager Dusty Baker has said that Johnny Cueto and Edinson Volquez will be in the rotation. However, veteran Jeremy Affeldt has been moved to the bullpen and it is possible they want to start one of those pitchers in Triple-A, just to make sure they are ready. That seems the typical approach with top rookie players. Allow them get their swing down for a month and then call them up to play everyday. Anyways, it is believed they have taken a liking to Nick Green, one of the Angels top pitching prospects who is fighting for a spot. I think he could do well in the NL, especially in the Central, but what would it cost them? I doubt the Angels want to trade any pitching away since they have lost their two top starters, but it is worth a shot. The Reds are still scouting Blanton, but with Opening Day for them coming soon, I doubt he is going anywhere.

The Reds rotation is pretty good even with Affeldt in the rotation, I just think they want to make a playoff run and are looking for that one guy to put them in contention from the start. The Reds will be in contention soon, but probably not by 2009 or 2010. They have a solid team, but they need to develop some of their younger players so they can endure a full season. Edwin Encarnacion ended the season strong but started off pretty slow, and solid full season from him would definitely help. Of course, life without Ken Griffey will adjust the lineup, but nothing a free agent signing can fix. They are no lock, but they certainly have what it takes if they keep to the course.