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Angels Will Make Trade Soon?

The only consequence to the Angels having a lot of depth on their roster and in their minor league system is that when they go out and sign someone from the outside, that prospect is blocked. They have several outfield prospects that are drawing interest and could be packaged together with a minor league prospect or two for a solid pitcher, if needed. If the race with the Mariners is as close as everyone thinks it will be, the Angels might need a healthy, front of the line starter to get them into the playoffs. Prospects within the organization that are blocked include Kendry Morales, Hainley Staitia, Reggie Willits, and Nathan Haynes, among others. With several players coming down with injuries on other teams, the Angels might be able to land a solid player if a team was desperate enough. I think the player most likely to be traded will be Reggie Willits. I think the Padres, who lost Jim Edmonds, could use Willits to possibly take over in center full time. I also think the Giants might jump in if Staitia does indeed become available. They need a long term shortstop and he has the potential to be very good. As for other teams that might jump in, the Brewers, Cubs, Blue Jays, and Indians could look to add a young solid player from the Angels by the trade deadline.