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Anthony Reyes Likely Gone

Cardinals pitcher Anthony Reyes, who struggled last season going 2-14 with a 6.04 ERA, is off to another rocky start in Spring Training. Although he is pitching well in game situations, his relationship with pitching coach Dave Duncan has put himself on the outs with other pitchers and management. According to one NL scout, the Cardinals have let several teams know he is available and that has led to the increased number of scouts watching him. The Diamondbacks have been scouting several pitchers and might be looking at someone like Reyes to start the season in the rotation with Johnson heading to the DL. The Padres have been linked to several pitchers on the market but I do not see them making a last minute trade before the start of the season. It is likely that Reyes will remain at Triple-A, and if he does well, maybe they will find a taker.