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Blue Jays To Extend Rios

According to, the Blue Jays and Alex Rios are closing in on a six year extension worth about 65 million dollars. The deal, which will begin in 2009, will cover his first four years of free agency. The Blue Jays are known for giving their players opt-out clauses in their contracts, along with a no-trade clause, and I expect them to do that with Rios. This is a solid deal for the Blue Jays, mostly because Rios is really coming into form in the MLB. He struggled in his second year, like most hitters, but turned it around in 2006 and made his first All-Star appearance. His power numbers increased in 2007 and he made his second All-Star appearance. With some of the injuries effecting the Yankees and Red Sox, it is very possible the Blue Jays could sneak in and grab a spot in the division, assuming that Rios and Wells put up solid numbers again.