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Capuano Out For Year?

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Just last week, Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Chris Capuano was involved in trade talks. Now, it appears he will be out for the season. Capuano is seeking a second opinion on his elbow after one doctor detected a tear. If there is indeed a tear, it would require Tommy John surgery. "There's a very small chance that you could elect to rehab it," assistant general manager Gord Ash said. "It does happen but I would say it's the exception." Capuano looked like he was entering his prime last season, but twelve straight win less outings and twenty-two consecutive losing efforts. He won eighteen games in 2005 and was an All-Star in 2006, but wasn't the same after going 5-0 in 2007. Pitching depth is definitely paying off for the Brewers right now who have lost Gallardo for the first couple weeks and now Capuano. The rotation likely will be:

SP Ben Sheets
SP Jeff Suppan
SP Manny Parra
SP Carlos Villanueva
SP Dave Bush

When Gallardo comes back, I'm sure he will take Parra's spot, but a lot will depend on who is doing well.