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Capuano to Red Sox?

The Brewers are upset with Chris Capuano's performance and have notified teams that he is available. According to one AL executive, the Red Sox called the Brewers expressing their interest. It probably won't take much to get him, mostly because he went 5-10 with a 5.10 ERA, but also because he is coming back from injury. The Brewers are very deep in their rotation and could use a minor leaguer or two for Capuano. I think the Red Sox would be smart to go out and get him. He is 42-48 with a 4.39 ERA in five major league seasons. That is pretty good for a number four starter. He won eighteen games in 2005, and if he could bring those kind of numbers to Boston, they would be in good shape. Although the Red Sox have said they are content with their pitching right now, they have been scouting other pitchers. Pitchers they have reportedly been scouting include Jason Marquis of the Cubs, Ervin Santana of the Angels, and Zach Minor of the Tigers, among others.