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Cubs Deal Hinges On Minors

The Cubs have improved their offer to the Orioles for Brian Roberts and are now including Sean Gallagher, Donnie Veal, Ronny Cedeno, and Jose Ceda. I think the Orioles might bite on something like this, because it it the best deal they will get. However, they will not bite until they get a look at some of them when minor league games get going next week. A lot of people are saying the deal won't happen before Opening Day, but I have a feeling that now the team has sweetened the deal, it is only a matter of time before the Orioles see the guys they are looking for, and make a move. The deal could include Jason Marquis and Jay Payton, but I think the Cubs will hold onto Marquis after seeing how he has been pitching. Payton would only clog up the outfield situation. One scout that Ken Rosenthal talked with said "Pie needs to leave the organization to succeed or fail," the scout says. The Cubs won't let him fail. They will always pull the plug. They're not willing to give him a 300- to 400-at-bat commitment." That is true, and Lou Piniella has always favored veterans. He needs to take the Carl Crawford approach, because it worked well for Crawford. Let him go out there, and just play and learn from his mistakes. He is just twenty-three, he has time. Bringing in Roberts and platooning Pie and Fukudome with DeRosa will be good for all three players, and the team.