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Dodgers 3B Battle Unfortunately Solved

Dodgers third base prospect Andy LaRoche will be out for eight to ten weeks after a freak injury that tore a ligament in his thumb. LaRoche was hitting .350 in twenty at-bats this spring, but is likely to return sometime in late May or June. I think the Dodgers will take their time with LaRoche, mostly because they have Nomar Garciaparra to take over. This injury could lead to a trade for Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge, who has been linked to the Dodgers in previous trade talks. This doesn't change my feeling on the Dodgers in the standings this season, but I wonder how the Dodgers will send him through rehab. Will they try to get him back as fast as they can? Or will they send him through the minor league system so he can make a full, successful recovery?