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Dodgers Scouting Ellis For 2009?

According to sources, the Dodgers are already looking for a second baseman for 2009. I am a little hesitant to believe this because the Dodgers have several young options in the infield, but maybe they are looking for someone more established. I have heard they are scouting scouting Mark Ellis, along with Joe Blanton of the Athletics, but talks about Blanton ended weeks ago. Ellis would be an upgrade over Kent, and it makes sense for him to stay on the West coast. Ellis had a career year last year, but he may slow down again. Still, a lineup with Ellis in it would be a lot better next year when some of the prospects are more experienced:

C Russell Martin
1B James Loney
2B Mark Ellis
3B Andy LaRoche
SS Chin-Lung Hu (assuming Furcal walks)
LF Andre Ethier
CF Andruw Jones
RF Matt Kemp

Wow. Assuming those prospects continue to perform, that lineup puts them right in contention with the Diamondbacks, Rockies, and Padres. And don't forget about a rotation that should include Clayton Kershaw. I think the one thing holding them back this year is that there young guys do not have much experience and some of their older guys are starting to fade. I have them finishing fourth, but I could be way off.