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ESPN: Cabrera, Tigers Agree to Deal

According to, the Tigers and Miguel Cabrera are closing in on a eight year deal worth 153.5 million dollars. "Miguel just signed a big contract," said the source. "The contract will be completed when Miguel takes a physical on Monday." This is an excellent deal for the Tigers who lock up Cabrera while he is entering his prime. Cabrera, who lost at least twenty pounds this off season, still hit 34 homeruns last season. Playing in the lineup he is in now, he should have a higher average and more homeruns. I have been going back in forth in my mind about the division winner in the AL Central, but with Cabrera not having to worry about his contract, I could see him having a huge year and carrying the Tigers into the playoffs. Obviously, we won't know till the end of the season, but I really like this deal for the Tigers.