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Giants Woes Get Worse

The Giants first lost Omar Vizquel for an extended amount of time and turned to Kevin Frandsen and Brian Bocock to take over his duties. However, the Giants lost Kevin Frandsen today for the rest of the season, leaving someone who has never played about Single-A with the job. Frandsen, who ruptured his Achilles tendon today, was expected to be the Opening Day shortstop. He has potential to be a solid utility player, but doesn't pan out to be an everyday player. I think the Giants need to make a trade now. "Fire Sabean" websites are starting up everyday because restless fans are frustrated with Front Office decisions. If they want to move Aurilia to short, they could trade for Wes Helms. Or if they want a shortstop, they could trade for Felipe Lopez. Unfortunately, the Giants really do not much to offer in their minor league system. They have some solid young pitchers, so if they trade Matt Cain for a solid hitter they would be taking a step in the right direction.