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Indians Interested In Garcia?

According to Jon Heyman, the Indians are showing some interest in Freddy Garcia. The Indians are likely to wait, but will probably sign him soon if rehab is going well. Come June, when he is healthy, I think a lot of teams will be interested in his services. However, he had a very serious injury, and it is not one of those injuries where it hurts, then you have surgery, and then you are all better. Personally, I would not have him pitch in the MLB till the All-Star Break. He has to get his arm strength back, face live hitters again, and get back into MLB playing shape. I do not doubt Garcia can come back, but I think we won't see him pitching regularly until 2009. If you had to compare this to one pitcher, it would have to be Mark Mulder. Mulder's 2006 season was cut short and he barely made it back in 2007, before he was shutdown again. My advice to the team that signs him is to be patient with him because otherwise, it is a wasted signing.