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Lofton to Rays?

Although Kenny Lofton has recently been linked to the Mets, it appears that the Rays are the most interested because they are worried that Rocco Baldelli is not fully recovered. Baldelli is struggling to get healthy and from what I am hearing, the Rays are more comfortable going with Floyd at DH full time, and platoon Gomes in the outfield. That makes sense considering that whenever Floyd played in the field last season, he would have to take a day or so off to rest his knees. With that said, the Tampa Tribune is reporting that the Rays are considering bringing in Lofton on a one year deal. Lofton hit .296 with 7 HR in 136 games last season for the Rangers and Indians, but is looking for a guaranteed deal. I think the Rays should bring in Lofton to play right field. He always hits for average and is pretty solid fielder, for his age. Another thing about Lofton is that he dominates the second half of a season so if you trade him at the deadline, you will always get more in return than what he is worth. I would say a one year deal worth three million dollars would do it.