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Lohse Close To Finding Home?

The Kyle Lohse Story is probably a lesson to all major league agents-do not overprice a mediocre player during a mediocre free agent year. Lohse was looking for a five year, fifty million dollar deal when he first hit the market, but teams came in offering nothing close to that. One GM I talked to said the highest offer was about a three year deal, worth 7-8 million dollars annually. Boras is all about total money, so no way would he accept that. The Phillies, Orioles, Mets, and Cardinals showed varying degrees of interest over the offseason, but they were shot down. The Orioles are talking with Lohse now about a deal, but it is being reported that the Giants might go out and sign Lohse to a one year deal worth 6-7 million dollars to fill the spot that Noah Lowry had before he got hurt. This would allow Lohse to rebuild his value some, and also continue his major league career. Lohse was 9-12 last season with a 4.62 ERA, numbers that the Orioles probably do not want in their division. Not only that, but Lohse has reportedly refused to play in the AL, so playing for the Giants looks most likely. He has got to sign soon, or else he won't be ready for Spring Training.