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Lopez to Astros?

The Nationals are actively trying to trade infielder Felipe Lopez. Lopez, who hit .245 with 9 HR last season, is pretty quick on the base paths and can play second, third, and short. According to one NL scout, the Nationals approached the Astros, among other teams, about Lopez and the Astros are willing to listen. I wasn't told about the other teams but it has been reported that the Cardinals, Cubs, Orioles, and Giants are interested. One reason why the Astros might be interested is because Kaz Matsui is out, and Miguel Tejada might be faced with problems that might force him to leave the team. Furthermore, the Astros and Dodgers are talking about a Mark Loretta trade, and acquiring Lopez would fill the void. It is believed the Astros are asking for at least two players, a reliever and a young prospect. I doubt that he goes to the Astros but it would not surprise me if the Orioles swoop in and make a move.