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Mailbag: Who Should I Draft?

This is our first mailbag of the 2008 season, and it is all about Fantasy Baseball. If you have any questions, send me an email at

David R., Stevens Point, WI

Q: I am a big Brewers fan and I was wondering which Brewer hitter and pitcher would have the best year?

ELI: Although I think Ryan Braun and Rickie Weeks are in for great years, I think that Prince Fielder is the guy that you should take. He is such a good hitter who is only getting better. Not only that, but he will have more chances to drive in runners with Mike Cameron in the lineup, and Rickie Weeks coming back full time. Furthermore, his wife put him on a diet, and that typically helps hitters improve on their numbers. As for a pitcher, Yovani Gallardo is going to be good, but he is injured. I would take Carlos Villanueva in the later rounds of the draft if he is available. He did very well last year in 59 games for the Brewers, and is doing well in Spring Training. He is my guy come the 14th or 15th round.

Jason C., New Pennsylvania, OH

Q: Where do you see the Reds finishing this season?

ELI: I have been saying for a long time that the Reds are on the verge of being very good. I think they need one pitcher, like Joe Blanton, to really put them over the top though. They have Joey Votto and Jay Bruce leading the youth movement along with Brandon Phillips and Edwin Encarnacion. Adam Dunn should join the team in mid April and I think they could easily win the division if their pitching does not fall apart come late June and early July. However, the Cubs and Brewers are going to be in the top two, and I think the Reds will finish third.

Clayton E., Canada

Q: Can you give me two sleepers, one pitcher and one hitter, for each league?

ELI: In the American League, I think Dustin McGowan of the Blue Jays and Billy Butler of the Royals will have the great years. As for the National League, I think someone to look out for is Rich Hill of the Cubs. As for a hitter, I think Lastings Milledge of the Nationals will have a good year.

Michael D., Seattle, WA

Q: Out of all the interviews you have done, which has been the one you have most enjoyed?

ELI: I think all of my interviews have been special in their own way. I got to do the interview over Gino's East Pizza with Michael Barrett. Cliff Floyd and I talked about the sale of the Cubs along with the future of the Rays for about an hour after our interview. Nick Swisher was a really funny guy and gave a nice interview. Also, some of the younger guys are really nice and happy to do interviews. Jerry Blevins and Aaron Cunningham were both great guys. Because we do not have contact with these players, it is really cool to talk with them and here what they have to say. So, I think they are all special. I have some really good interviews lined up over the next month so I should be adding to this list pretty soon.