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Mets Talking With Pirates?

According to one NL executive, the Mets have contacted the Pirates about the availability of Xavier Nady. It is being reported that Minaya is looking for someone to bring in, and that they have looked at Marcus Thames of the Tigers, Matt Murton of the Cubs, and Nady. Nady, who played for the Mets in 2006 and hit .264 with 14 HR, had a career year with the Pirates in 2007. While some think the Mets should go out and sign Barry Bonds or Sammy Sosa, I think Minaya should sign veteran Kenny Lofton, who could help at all three outfield positions. I think Minaya's job is on the line after he failed to bring in solid depth after trading away several prospects, but he could easily turn it around with a couple good moves. The Pirates were asking for a lot when they were talking to the Padres about a trade, so I think they would ask for a lot from the Mets as well. The Tigers are not interested in giving up Thames so I think it will come down to Nady and Murton. Murton is no dump player either though, so they are going to have to give up something if they want to improve. Something will likely happen soon because the Mets would like to have a lineup set by the final week of Spring Training.