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Mets, Tigers Talking Trade

The Tigers have approached several teams about acquiring a reliever, but are returning to the Mets to discuss a deal. According to one high ranking official, the Mets have at least three different trade proposals out, all that would bring Marcus Thames back in return. I assume that one trade involved Scott Shoenweis and a prospect, one involves Jorge Sosa and a prospect, and the final one could just be Aaron Heilman. The Mets plan to keep Steve Register on the roster, so it is possible the Mets will indeed trade one of their relievers. However, several teams already understand the importance of depth and I think the Mets would be smart to hold on to their relievers, because someone could easily go down on their roster. Someone I think the Tigers should try and snag is Ambiorix Burgos. He is young with experience, and should be good down the road. However, he has had some injury problems.