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News and Notes: Cardinals Sign Lohse

The Cardinals and Kyle Lohse have agreed to a one year deal worth 4.25 million dollars, according to The Cardinals have lost several pitchers as of late and bringing in Lohse could add 10-12 wins to their season. I am not surprised to see a desperate team come in and swoop him up. It is too bad he couldn't get the deal he wanted, but he really didn't deserve the fifty million that he was asking for. He only won nine games last season! Several teams were looking to sign to a long term deal but he held out for a big contract, and it hurt him. It would not surprise me if he fires Boras when he enters for free agency next season. Teams that were also looking into signing him included the Orioles, Giants, and Rangers.

Crisp still drawing interest:
Crisp is not heading to the Mets, but reportedly is drawing interest from the Reds, White Sox, Pirates, and Rangers.

Inge to Giants?: The Giants are interested in trading for Brandon Inge, a sign that Joe Crede is not looking so good. He has a big contract, but the Giants need some help.

Rocco Baldelli to retire?: Due to extreme fatigue, the solid young outfielder might be forced to retire. He is supposedly having trouble getting through one routine during practice, so you can't expect him to play in 100+ games. The Rays will give him some time, so don't count him out yet.

Reed Johnson to the Mets: Buster Olney of ESPN believes the Mets will look into acquiring Blue Jays outfielder Reed Johnson. That is just one of several names they are kicking around.

Johnny Cueto might make team: Cueto, the top prospect for the Reds, has been the best pitcher in camp. He could make the team out of camp and be a starter at the bottom of that rotation.

Nationals considering Weaver: The Cardinals opted for Kyle Lohse and may now the Nationals may sign Jeff Weaver. However, his poor performances in the past couple years might turn them away.

Orioles arm trouble may lead to trade: The Orioles might finally pull of the Brian Roberts trade after another pitcher went down. By adding three pitchers, who happen to be young with potential, could save them this season and beyond.