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Orioles Looking For A Shortstop

The Orioles are looking for a shortstop, and are looking into acquiring Rockies infielder Clint Barmes and White Sox shortstop Juan Uribe. They are also looking at Ronny Cedeno of the Cubs, but that is only if the Brian Roberts trade goes through. The Orioles are looking at all three of these guys as starters if they acquire them, so I think they are pretty determined to get something done. The Angels are interested in Barmes as well, but only as a reserve infielder. I think the Orioles will give this a week or so before they make a move, just to see if the Cubs and them can get something done. On that front, it is believed the Cubs and Orioles have agreed that Sean Gallagher and Ronny Cedeno will be in the deal, but they are deciding on the final two to three players. Players they are talking about include Donnie Veal, Tyler Colvin, Sean Marshall, and Jason Marquis, among others.