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Phillies To Release Helms?

According to the Delco Times, the Phillies will likely release Wes Helms if they cannot find a suitor for him by next weekend. If Brad Lidge can come back by next weekend, then they will probably release Helms. There is just no one else on the team that could be sent down. They would send down Dobbs, but he is a lefty. I think the main reason the Dodgers or Giants have not made a move is because they realize that the Phillies only have eleven pitchers, and would like twelve as they move forward in the season. Helms' best year came in 2006 when he hit .329 with 10 HR in 140 games with the Marlins. I think the Dodgers will add him if he is released, mostly because he can play third for them this season, but also because he would be a good guy for their bench.