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Phillies Working On Trade?

The Phillies are making the finishing touches to their roster and are trying to add a reliever, while trading Wes Helms. Helms, who hit .246 with 5 HR, is out of a platoon job with Greg Dobbs with the signing of Pedro Feliz. The Phillies have shopped him all spring, but have yet to find a team interested. However, the Phillies have lowered their asking price, mostly because they do not want three third baseman on their roster. I have been told by an NL source that the Phillies have an offer out to the Reds for Mike Stanton. Stanton went 1-3 with a 5.93 ERA in 69 games last season, but is 68-63 with a 3.97 ERA in eighteen major league seasons. The Reds really don't need Helms, though. I think the Giants, who need a third baseman, are a better fit. The Phillies could acquire the veteran Steve Kline, who would definitely help their bullpen. I'm sure the Phillies want a deal to happen soon, but I don't see anything happening before Opening Day.