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Rays Desperate For Outfield Help

The Rays unfortunately have to look for an outfielder after learning that Rocco Baldelli might be forced to retire. They added Cliff Floyd, who is likely to be their DH, but want someone to platoon with Johnny Gomes in right field. The Mariners, Dodgers, and Angels are teams that have extra outfielders, but several other teams are looking for young pitchers that might be willing to sacrifice an outfielder. The Rays have reportedly put out Jason Hammel and Edwin Jackson, but I doubt that could land Andre Ethier or Juan Pierre, but maybe they could get someone like Mike Morse of the Mariners. The Mariners have a lot of solid young pitchers and I think they could sacrifice one for someone like Reggie Willits. I think another solid option is Matt Murton, who was recently optioned to Triple-A. GM Andrew Friedman said he would aggressively pursue a trade, and I see something happening soon after the start of the season.