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Reaction Time: Trades and Signings

STORY: David Wells, 45, is still looking for a job.

REACTION: This doesn't surprise me, really. Wells went 9-9 with a 5.43 ERA last season, but might have to prove himself at Triple-A before getting a call up. The Cardinals showed interest before going with Lohse, and the Dodgers said they were not interested in bringing him back. You could say the Red Sox might consider having him back because their pitching is weak, but I think want more proven pitching. Maybe Wells would go to the independent leagues, but I doubt it. Sadly, I think he is done.

STORY: Mets not interested in Reed Johnson.

REACTION: The Mets are so busy trying to acquire Xavier Nady that Reed Johnson is out of the picture. Not only that, but they have several minor leaguers like Angel Pagan that would probably do a better job than Johnson.

STORY: Michael Wuertz drawing more interest.

REACTION: First, the Tigers contacted the Cubs about Michael Wuertz. Now, the Phillies have talked about going after Michael Wuertz. The Phillies and Tigers have gone after several of the same relievers and both are confident they will get a deal done. I doubt the Cubs trade Wuertz, but it is possible we could see the Phillies trade Wes Helms for Jon Meloan of the Dodgers.

STORY: Astros and Patterson closing on deal.

REACTION: The Astros and John Patterson are still talking a deal, and both sides feel a deal is close. It is obvious that Patterson wants to play close to home, and that should work in the Astros favor.

STORY: Josh Fields heading to Triple-A.

REACTION: Too bad for the White Sox, who were banking on trading Crede to clear the way for Fields. This will only lead to the Sox eventually dumping him when Fields is successful in Triple-A.