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Reds Demote Bruce, Patterson In?

Top prospect Jay Bruce has been demoted to Triple-A, a sign that Corey Patterson has won the job. Giving Bruce a month or so in the minors should do him well, and I like the move a lot. I've said it before, but allowing a top prospect like Bruce to get his swing down and confidence up in Triple-A and then calling him up will only benefit him and the team. Patterson is doing well this Spring and should do well because he is playing under one of his old managers in the same division. The Cubs definitely rushed him, calling him up in 2000 at the age of 19, but that doesn't mean he cannot do well. I look at the Reds as a playoff contender this year, but I think they definitely have a better chance next year. Pitching is improving, hitting is definitely improving, and the bullpen has gotten a lot better. To be honest, they will probably beat out the Cardinals for third place. Well, were a long way from that. We'll address this again when Bruce gets his much anticipated call up.