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Reed Drawing Interest

Once top prospect Jeremy Reed is unlikely to make the team, and is drawing interest from several teams around the league. Reed is batting .318 in 22 at-bats this Spring, but is a career .252 hitter in 239 games. He has fairly fast and can play all three positions, so he is valuable to teams looking for a reserve outfielder. The Padres, who recently lost Jim Edmonds for an extended amount of time, are interested in adding Reed. The Padres looked to Reggie Willits earlier in Spring Training but the Angels were not interested. The Padres do have other options though in their system. They could go young and offer the spots to Jody Gerut, Matt Antonelli, or Chase Headley. The Rays are also interested, mostly because he would serve as a platoon with Jonny Gomes. It probably would not take much to get Reed, but I doubt it will come through trade. Reed really isn't needed by the Mariners anymore. They have a lot of outfield depth and they do not want to block a young player while Reed is in the minors. They could release Reed this week if no team shows serious interest.