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Rivera to Mets?

Angels outfielder Juan Rivera is reportedly being dangled to the Mets. However, the Mets do not seem interested in trading anymore from their minor league system for him. That makes sense considering they traded several players to the Twins for Johan Santana. However, if they were to trade Aaron Heilman, it would make room for Steven Register and give them the offensive boost they need right now. The Angels have always been about bolstering their system, and I think they would demand a minor league prospect. With that said, I doubt this gets done. I think the Angels and Mets will both make moves, but not with eachother.

I believe the Mets will go out and get someone like Xavier Nady. Nady is being shopped by the Pirates and the Mets and Pirates are on good terms when it comes to talking a trade. Another possibility is Reed Johnson of the Blue Jays. Although he would not provide the same offensive burst, he would make for a solid platoon. As for the Angels, I see them trading Reggie Willits before Juan Rivera. Willits could wind up in San Diego as their everyday center fielder, but I do not know if Kevin Towers is looking into that.

Towers is the master of the trade and will typically go for players that are expendable with their current team. For example, in the trade that sent Josh Barfield to the Indians for Kevin Kouzmanoff, the Padres were banking on Matt Antonelli making it to the MLB while also banking on Kouzmanoff. The trade paid off while Barfield is now heading to Triple-A. Another example is the Doug Mirabelli trade. Who would have thought the Padres could trade Doug Mirabelli for Cla Meredith and Josh Bard? It has been all talk this Spring Training and I really don't see either of these teams pulling the trigger before Opening Day.