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Royals' DeJesus Here To Stay

After finishing the year in unspectacular fashion, Royals outfielder David DeJesus was the subject of several trade talks. According to sources, the Braves and Royals came very close to cutting a deal before the Braves acquired Mark Kotsay. They talked to several other teams as well, but decided to work in a few extra days off and additional workouts to improve his durability this season. DeJesus was mentioned in trade talks earlier this spring, but Royals executives confirmed today that he is not going anywhere. He is having a good spring, and had a good track record before this year. Not including 2007, he is a career .290 hitter and averaged eight homeruns. One problem I think he had was he played in 38 more games than the season before and I think he was just worn down. I think he can return to hit around .280, especially because he is now used to a complete season. The Royals locked him up long term and I think Royals fans will start to realize that this was a good deal for them.