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Royals Making Moves?

The Kansas City Star is reporting that the Royals are talking a deal with the Dodgers that would send Esteban German to the Dodgers for Jonathan Meloan and Miguel Pinango. Now, this may just be a rumor, but it would be a pretty good deal for the Royals. Meloan, 23, won't make the Dodgers out of camp but could probably pitch at the MLB level with the Royals. He has good stuff, and he showed it this spring. German has only been a starter for the past two years and hasn't been all that impressive. If this deal is true, it shows how desperate the Dodgers really are. I think the Dodgers are going to be a good team this year, one reason is definitely because of Joe Torre. I am a little hesitant to say they will win the division, but there pitching could surprise us. They are up against a lot. The Rockies are finally confident with themselves, the Diamondbacks are starting to mature, the Padres always have the right pieces to make a serious run. It should be a great race trade or no trade.

The Star is also reporting that the Royals have agreed to send Angel Berroa and half of his 4.75 million dollar salary (2.37) to the Nationals for pitcher Zech Zinicola. Sending the former rookie of the year shortstop to the Nationals doesn't make much sense to me. They already have a crowded infield and are struggling to make a trade. Zinicola is not a bad prospect and might turn out to be a decent reliever, but needs more time in the minors to find his spot. I think the Royals would be winners in both trades if they go down, but would probably have little impact on the team.