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Seanez Looking For Work

Relief pitcher Rudy Seanez has been released by Dodgers, but is still looking for work. However, he said if he does not find work by Sunday, he would retire. Seanez went 6-3 with a 3.79 ERA last season in 73 games and could probably do well in a late inning role with another team. With that said, I see the Tigers as a good fit. They need a late inning reliever and adding someone like Seanez, with experience in both leagues, might help the bullpen early on. Another good fit would be the Phillies, who are eager for another reliver. Both teams I see as good fits for Seanez, who would also be on a team competing for the playoffs. There are several other teams looking for bullpen help, but teams that probably won't be in playoff contention. The Astros, Orioles, and Cardinals are all looking for depth, and I think Seanez, although thirty-nine, would help all of them.