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Sherrill To Be Traded?

Newly named closer George Sherrill is excited about his new role with his team, but might be on his way out before you know it. According to Buster Olney, several teams have suggested that the Orioles will dangle Sherrill mid season in hopes of acquiring young talent for the future. With that said, it makes more sense that the Orioles are waiting for the final offer from the Cubs for Brian Roberts before they accept, but lets not go there. Sherrill went 2-0 with a 2.36 ERA and 56 K last season with the Mariners, and would probably draw a lot of interest at the trade deadline. Sherrill is having a good spring thus far through six games, and scouts have said they have seen an increase of 1-2 mph on his fastball. If he can repeat or even improve on his numbers from last season I am sure the Orioles will trade him. The only team I really see making a move is the Tigers, but mid season injuries will change it all. I see a desperate team making a move in May or June, but it will probably go down around the deadline.