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Should You Take Schumaker?

Cardinals outfielder Skip Schumaker got the starting nod, and is having a great spring. Since 2005, Schumaker has hit .294 with 3 HR and an OBP of .331. However, in seven minor league seasons he has hit .290 with 25 HR and an OBP of .354. Scouts are saying he is swinging at the right pitches, and is showing that he can handle the leadoff spot. Is he worth drafting in your fantasy draft? Probably not, but if your outfielder goes down, he might be solid pickup for the time being. I think he will get pitched to in the leadoff spot, but his run totals might not be as high as you hope. He has good speed, but I doubt teams really pitch to Albert Pujols because he has no protection, especially in the later innings. Schumaker reminds me a little bit of Randy Winn, assuming he can make it through a full season. I think he will be a lot better bet in 2009, when he has a full season under his belt, but I think he will start to tire out by August or September.