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Someone Jumped The Gun

A report came out a day or so ago saying that the Red Sox had just traded Coco Crisp to the Mets for Angel Pagan. Although both sides denied it, something is believed to be in the works. According to, after Pagan hit a homerun the day of the supposed trade, one executive said, "That's the guy we just traded to Boston." Hmm, interesting. My take on it is that they were talking about a deal, and even in the final stages, but someone had jumped the gun and said it was done. Crisp hit .268 with 6 HR and 60 RBI last season while Pagan, who was out for most of the season, hit .264 with 4 HR. However, Pagan's speed and decent power could help any team, in my opinion. I see this deal getting done soon though. The Mets are desperate for outfield help and could use someone like Crisp for a year or two to fill the void. As for Pagan, they have Endy Chavez but because Pagan is younger, he has more value.