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Tigers After Street?

The Tigers are more desperate for a relief pitcher that many thought, and now they are going after Huston Street. The Tigers have depth in their bullpen, but mostly middle relief pitchers, not late inning pitchers. I think there is a big difference in the role, and I think it is hard to adjust from one to the other. According to sources, they have contacted half a dozen teams about relief pitchers, and not much has been made of it. This seems like the perfect situation for the A's to make a move. They could acquire several top prospects and give Joey Devine the closer spot. The Tigers could send Brandon Inge and a big chunk of his salary, along with Jeff Gerbe, Scott Sizemore, and Cale Iorg.

In this trade they acquire a third baseman to play while Chavez is out, a solid pitcher who could break the rotation in 2009, a second baseman which would allow them to unload Mark Ellis, and a solid athlete in Iorg who could take over at short. This is a pretty big price to pay, but it speculation on my part. I think the A's could go after Gerbe and Iorg for sure, but then might have to settle for a low level prospect. I didn't realize how serious the Tigers were and I think it is likely that a trade will be made this week. Other teams they could look to are the Blue Jays, Dodgers, and Angels.