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Tigers After Wuertz

The Tigers, desperate to acquire some bullpen help, are taking a close look at Cubs reliever Michael Wuertz. Wuertz, who went 2-3 with a 3.48 ERA last season, would make for a solid set up man or closer while Joel Zumaya recovers. He has a great fastball, a nasty slider, and is breaking away from the rookie stages and become a major league league reliever. The Detroit Free Press believes the Cubs have inquired about Brandon Inge and Marcus Thames, but Inge wants a starting job. Thames has good power and would give the Cubs the option to start Pie in Triple-A to get his confidence up; however, I think the Cubs would want more than just Thames for a solid reliever in a shaky bullpen. I suspect it would take a pitching prospect or two along with Thames. Still, I think the Tigers should make the move. Acquiring a pitcher like Wuertz, who really has not gotten much attention with the Cubs and giving him a key role in the bullpen, would benefit the team.