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Tigers Looking For Catcher

The Tigers are looking for a backup catcher, an indication that a Brandon Inge trade may be close. They have Vance Wilson, but he has had reoccurring health problems that the Tigers do not want to deal with. They have Dane Sardinha, but I think they are better off bringing in someone from the outside. One possible replacement is Gerald Laird, who hit .224 with 9 HR for the Rangers last season. He was aggressively shopped by the Rangers this off season, but they could not find a taker. Another possibility is Rob Bowen, who hit .231 with 4 HR in 67 games with the Padres, Cubs, and Athletics. I think they are better off bringing in someone young who might be able to develop into an everyday starter. The first name that pops into my mind is Cubs prospect Jake Fox, who is very versatile and has shown some signs of power. However, someone like Jeff Mathis, might be a better fit because he has more major league experience. For the moment, it is not a big problem for the Tigers, and it could ultimately work itself out on its own within the organization. Stay tuned.