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Vargas to Cardinals?

The Milwaukee Brewers today released pitcher Carlos Vargas, despite posting a 3.86 ERA in five starts. They lost both Gallardo and Capuano, and to see them release Vargas, who has put up two double-digit win seasons up in a row, is surprising. He is a solid back end of the rotation starter, and should be picked up relatively soon. I have asked around yet to who might be interested, but the Cardinals jump out as a team that would snag him. Todd Wellemeyer is their number five starter at the moment and Vargas would be an upgrade over him. The Mets always seem to go bargain hunting and could also come in and give him a shot. Bringing him in would also allow them to go trade Jorge Sosa. I don't think he should be used as a reliever because he does walk a lot, but he would make for a decent number five starter.

Just a little south of Milwaukee, the Cubs are making news. They signed outfielder Reed Johnson, putting an end to the Coco Crisp and Marlon Byrd rumors. With this signing, I think it could lead to a Matt Murton trade. Johnson and Murton are pretty similar players, but Johnson is a better fielder. It is a good move nonetheless.