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White Sox Ramirez Makes Roster

New White Sox import Alexei Ramirez is having a good spring, and White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen believes he is ready to play at the MLB level. Although he was the best player over in Cuba, his 6'3, 185 pound body will probably hit for more average than power. I think the White Sox are making a mistake by keeping him on the roster. The Cuban leagues are comparable to High-A ball at best, and they already have a lot of depth at second base at their roster. I have said it before, but anyone can hit .300 during Spring Training. You are almost guaranteed a fastball for the first pitch, and it should be over the plate. Early on, all the pitcher is trying to do is get ahead in the count so he can work on his second and third pitch. When the season starts, it will be completely different. Starting him in Triple-A might even be pushing it, but he might be ready. In Triple-A, he will be allowed to get his swing down and adjust to American baseball. That is my opinion, maybe the White Sox see something I don't see.

When I shared this opinion with one scout he agreed, for the most part. He thought that because teams are not familiar with him, he would be successful, at least for most of 2008: "He is a very smart player." Does that mean you should go out and pick him up in your fantasy league? Not just yet, but he could be someone you watch for early on.