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White Sox Waive Uribe

The White Sox placed infielder Juan Uribe on waivers Wednesday, according to the Chicago Tribune. This means that if he is not claimed within 72-hours, he must be released and pay his full 4.5 million dollars. I assume the Orioles will pick him up to improve their middle infield, but I wouldn't rule out the Cardinals as well. Uribe is having a good spring and is a pretty decent player, but he does not have a spot on the team. "He could have chosen another path and be pouting and go the wrong way," Cora said March 12. "But he feels this is a challenge and sees the opportunity to play every day. We always knew that." They have Danny Richar and Alexei Ramirez, but Ramirez should start in the minors, despite a good spring. I think it is possible that the White Sox could make a play for a different second baseman, but unlikely. Why would they release Uribe and then go out and acquire someone else? As for other possible destinations, the Giants or Royals could come in snatch him. We'll see, but one of these teams will probably pick him up soon.