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Will Anyone Take Gibbons?

The Orioles released Jay Gibbons yesterday, and many wonder if he has played in his last game. "I completely understand that this is a business, and with the direction that this team is moving, it was pretty obvious that my playing time would be pretty much nonexistent," said Gibbons, who added he wants to return to the big leagues as soon as possible. "I think this was the best move for both parties." Gibbons has been on the decline in the past couple of years, but still has pretty good power. However, being linked to steroids over the winter might give teams a reason to not sign him. Gibbons is a career .260 hitter with 121 homeruns in seven seasons with the Orioles. Even if he didn't do steroids, I do not see a team coming in and offering him a MLB contract. The Giants would like a first baseman who can play some outfield, but why would they add the aging Gibbons? I think other options, although they are unlikely, would be the Indians, Pirates, or Mets.