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Will The Pirates Trade Burnett?

The Pirates will keep Rule 5 pick Evan Meek on the 25-man roster over pitcher Sean Burnett, and Burnett is openly furious. I don't blame him. In ten innings this Spring, he has an ERA of 0.90 and a K/BB of 8/2. Evan Meek has not been bad either, but I guess they thought has more upside than Burnett. In his only season in the MLB in 2004, Burnett is 5-5 with a 5.02 ERA. You can say he was rushed to the MLB, but he has obviously made adjustments to make it back. The Pirates are not a very good team and are playing in a division that is getting better, so we might not see Burnett play at his full potential, but he could still help the team in a reduced role. I do not think teams are that desperate for pitching that they would come in and trade for Burnett, so I think he will stay in Pittsburgh. However, if he comes up in May or June and plays well, the Pirates might be able to trade him for a solid player by the deadline.