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Yates to be Traded?

The Braves have several players who are out of options, but are planning to hold on to all of them, except Tyler Yates. Braves pitchers Blayne Boyer, Chris Resop and Royce Ring are also out of options, but are likely to remain with the team. At the beginning of camp, Yates was considered to have a bullpen spot, but after posting a 10.29 ERA, the Braves will shop him. I believe they will look for another solid bench player, but it is hard to see what they could get for him. I assume they will talk to Detroit to see if they want to take a chance on him, but I am sure they will talk to every team in need of an extra arm before they put him through waivers. If I were the Tigers, I would take a chance on him. He went 2-3 last year with a 5.15 ERA and K/BB ratio of 69/31. He pitched in 75 games last season, so if a team like the Tigers limited Yates to the amount of games he pitches in, they might see more success. One reason why the Tigers might not go and get him is because he is very similar to Jason Grilli, another middle reliever. They are looking for a late inning reliever and have yet to make any major headway with any team.

UPDATE: Traded to Pirates for Todd Redmond.