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BREAKING NEWS: MLB Suspends Schafer

Major League Baseball has suspended Braves top prospect Jordon Schafer for violating the leagues drug prevention program. We are extremely disappointed that Jordan has violated the commissioner's performance enhancing drug policy,'' Atlanta general manager Frank Wren said in a statement issued in Colorado, where the Braves were facing the Rockies. "We are supportive of the program and will continue to educate all of our players.'' Schafer, 21, was likely to reach the Braves MLB team this season, but that is likely in doubt this season, and possibly next season if he cannot find his form. However, I emailed Jim Callis of Baseball America about his, but he thinks it will have little affect on the Braves: " [I] don't think it will affect him much. If he continues to produce, it won't be a big deal by the time he gets there." This explains Schafer's big leap in numbers from last year, to some extent. Baseball has known about him since he was thirteen, but he has been a disappointment up until last season. The Braves must be happy they got Josh Anderson and Mark Kotsay-it is likely they will keep both next season after hearing this news.