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Brewers, Braun Closing In On Deal?

According to sources close to Nez Balelo, Ryan Braun's agent, Balelo is in Milwaukee working on a deal for his client. This is a good sign for Brewers fans because Balelo was in Milwaukee two weeks ago talking about a deal, so this is a good indication that a deal could be close. Braun is hitting .247 with 3 HR, but the Brewers are not worried just yet. Braun has repeatedly told reporters that he is trying to find his comfort zone, and it is obvious that he is starting to heat up having hit .529 over the last four games. Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki broke the bank on a rookie contract, but I expect Braun to bring in a deal closer to forty million dollars buying out at least one year of free agency.

You hate to fill out a depth chart with the idea that a top prospect will come up and shine, but it is likely that Ryan Braun will move back to third in a couple years to make room for Matt LaPorta. The Brewers are very high on Corey Hart and have options in center, so moving Braun back to third and keeping LaPorta in his natural position seems likely. Nevertheless, getting a deal done now should help in negotiations with Prince Fielder.