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Castro Likely Heading To San Diego

Ex-Red infielder has two offers on the table: one guaranteed deal from the Padres and one non-guaranteed deal from the Dodgers. You would think the obvious choice would be the Padres, but Castro is a former Dodger and is reportedly being told that he would only go to Triple-A for a couple days before his call up. The Dodgers are very deep in the middle infield so Castro going to San Diego makes more sense. Not only that, but the Padres are definitely in a better position for the playoffs. The Diamondbacks look like the likely choice for the division, unless some team wins twenty of their final twenty-one games, but the Padres look like they could compete for the wild card. Castro is a career .230 hitter with 33 HR, so he will probably be a non-issue for the Padres or Dodgers chances this season.